KB Recovery Gels - 450mg

KB Recovery Gels - 450mg


Fast Absorbing CBD Infused Recovery Softgels For Athletes | Relieve Pain & Inflammation

Boost Your Performance & Enhance Your Mood Naturally!

Here’s how you can finally turbocharge your athletic performance and improve your focus without having to rely on chemical products. If you are looking for a healthy, simple and effective way to alleviate inflammation and promote wellness, we have exactly what you need!

Introducing The Kanna Beast CBD Infused Recovery Softgels For Athletes!

Our fast absorbing softgels will help you combat muscle pain, alleviate inflammation and improve your focus thanks to their organic, rich and full spectrum CBD, which will help

  • Repair Your Body At A Molecular Level

  • Replenish Your System With Potent Antioxidants

  • Boost Your Focus & Muscle Recovery

The Fastest Way To Recover After An Intense Workout!

Unlike all those low quality recovery capsules take ages to be absorbed and reach your system, our CBD recovery softgels will be absorbed faster and offer you the immense health benefits of hemp without any of the side effects. Relax your body and enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep with just 2 Kanna Beast recovery softgels per day! For best results, take 1 in the morning and 1 at night. Or as needed.

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